The Soy Envoy program, an initiative by ILSoyAdvisor and the Illinois Soybean Association, features seasoned experts in the soybean industry offering valuable insights to Illinois soybean farmers. This team of six professionals shares their extensive agronomic knowledge through various mediums, including written articles, videos, and audio interviews, available on the Field Notes blog at Additionally, Soy Envoys provide timely reports on crop conditions in their respective regions throughout the growing season. 

Responsibilities involve providing monthly contributions to the ILSoyAdvisor Crop Report and Field Notes blog. ISA will produce a video with each Soy Envoy on an agronomy topic of your choosing. Soy Envoys act as ambassadors for ISA, participating in winter meetings, summer field days, and other relevant opportunities. Upon completion of the program, Soy Envoys will receive a $2,000 stipend for their contributions and efforts. 

The application window for the 2024 program is now closed and is scheduled to reopen for the 2025 program in December. Questions? Contact Stephanie Porter at

“Being a part of the Soy Envoy program is a great way to network with agronomy experts across the state, strengthen communication skills and learn new management practices from peers.”

Abigail Peterson, ISA Director of Agronomy