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Using Harvest Aids/Desiccants in Soybeans

Soybean desiccation Soybean desiccation is not a new tool in other parts of the country, it has just not been used in Illinois with any frequency. In the past, harvest aids have been used to remedy problems that interfered with efficient soybean harvest e.g., green stems or excessive weeds. What is new is that more farmers are looking to desiccation in combination with earlier planting for an earlier harvest and reduced harvest loss and foreign materials (FM) that can lead to dockage. The potential yield advantage with earlier planting has been well-documented and 2021 saw many growers planting a [...]

By |October 4, 2021|

Late Season Lodging in Soybeans

As we approach the later part of the growing season, we have the potential to see lodging in the soybean crop. Lodging is a function of two factors, genetics, and the environment. From a genetic standpoint, most varieties on the market are rated by their respective company for lodging and a significant amount of risk can be mitigated by paying attention to those ratings and management guidelines that come with the variety. The environment is obviously out of our control, for the most part. Ideal growing conditions in the vegetative stages will allow beans to grow tall and expand [...]

By |August 10, 2021|

PODCAST: Successfully Double-Cropping Soybeans

Scott Eversgerd, CCA Soy Envoy and Pioneer field agronomist, joins the podcast this month to discuss double-cropping soybeans and what growers can do to maximize yields on those acres. He provides tips to help get the crop off to a good start and also gives an update on wheat crop harvest conditions. ILSoyAdvisor Podcasts · Successfully Double-Cropping Soybeans

By |June 15, 2021|

Timely Tips for Planting Double Crop Beans

Wheat harvest will begin in the southern-most tip of Illinois in just a matter of days, and double crop soybean planting will be right behind it. For many years, it was widely accepted that this crop of beans was just a bonus and that counting on any bushels from this crop was risky. We have discovered that with a few management tweaks and attention to detail, these acres can yield extremely well and will often compete with full season beans on yield. Below are some discussion points around maximizing the yield of this crop: Planting Date – The data [...]

By |June 9, 2021|

Weed Control Using The Enlist Herbicide System

*DISCLAIMER: The Illinois Soybean Association does not make product recommendations and is supportive of the safe use of approved technologies available to farmers.* It has been said that “weeds and cockroaches are the only things that could survive a nuclear war.” When it comes to weeds, there is no doubt they have become increasingly challenging to control and they continue to adapt to the cultural and chemical practices that farmers use. Over the years, weeds have developed resistance or at least tolerance to many of the classes of chemistry; new and old. For that reason, Ag research companies have [...]

By |May 18, 2021|

Planting Group 2 Soybeans in Southern IIllinois

It has often been said that “if you are not moving forward, you are falling behind.” One of the unique ways that soybean farmers in Southern Illinois have been moving forward and thinking differently is in soybean maturity. Twenty-five years ago, it was common to see a lot of Group 5 maturity beans. Today, the trend is shifting to earlier maturities, all the way into the Group 2 maturities. There are a few key reasons this shift is taking place and why it is working. Industry changes/focus in plant breeding that has allowed genetics to be pushed outside the [...]

By |March 31, 2021|

Warm Fall Weather Leads to Increase in Wheat Planting

As we approach the last week of October, most of the wheat seeding is complete in Illinois and as we count acres, wheat planting is definitely up. Looking at the historical wheat areas of Southern Illinois, I would guess acres are up 30-40% over the previous year. The combination of a moderately early harvest, dry field conditions and $6 plus wheat have all played a part in driving acres up. While the window to plant has been very wide, conditions have been good, but not ideal, in a lot of the area. The old sayin’ goes “Plant in the [...]

By |November 3, 2020|

Wheat Quality Considerations

The wheat crop in southern Illinois has been through a lot since last fall but has seemed to persevere, and the yield outlook is optimistically high. As we go back to last fall and think about planting conditions and fall growth/development, it was really a mixed bag with some of the earliest plantings doing well. Later plantings, however, suffered through a cold, wet November. Thankfully, the mild temperatures over the winter allowed the crop to recover, and we are looking at what appears to be a pretty good crop. The recent cold temperatures have put some yield at risk, [...]

By |May 24, 2020|
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