Wade Meteer

Managing Stink Bugs

This time of the year many soybean producers tend to be on cruise control, however we don’t want to coast to the finish line just yet. We still have several potential pests we need to manage to prevent them from robbing yield. Many folks overlook stink bugs as a potential pest that can cause serious damage in soybean fields even though they may be one of the most important pests to manage when it comes to pod feeders. Scouting for stink bugs should be a part of any good IPM strategy for soybeans, especially in the southern half of [...]

By |September 5, 2015|

Foliar Soybean Fungicides

Thinking of using a fungicide on soybeans this season? When will you apply it and is it likely to work this year? I have had several local producers ask if they should “waste their money on soybean fungicide this year?” My reply is that first off you’re not wasting your money, you are investing in your crop, and with foliar fungicides you are protecting your yield potential. With foliar fungicides it’s all about reducing the stress the soybean plant has at key times during its development. When is the best time to apply foliar fungicides? The sweet spot for [...]

By |July 31, 2015|

Agronomy: Meet Your Soy Envoy: Wade Meteer

Hello, my name is Wade Meteer and I am your soybean Envoy from Crop District 4. I like crops that  are self-sufficient. Maybe that’s why I like soybeans so much – they are self-reliant and adaptable just like we have to be if we are going to survive in farming. I was born and raised on a grain farm near Athens, Illinois, about 20 miles north of Springfield.  As far back as I can remember I have had a passion for farming, and growing up on the farm, I always knew I would pursue a career in agriculture.  I received both [...]

By |April 24, 2015|
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