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Sudden Death Management Considerations for Soybeans

This year continues to challenge what soybean producers consider to be “normal.” I met with one grower recently who described the month of June as polarized. He stated that on his farm, he went from 5-inches behind on monthly rain fall to 5-inches over in a period of 10 days. If that wasn’t enough rain, then the 18 inches we received on our farm in July certainly was. Yes, you did just read “enough,” “rain,” and “July” in the same sentence. Photo: Sudden Death Syndrome Foliar Symptoms. Photo Credit - Crop Protection Network I have been concerned about one [...]

By |August 6, 2021|

PODCAST: Herbicide Treatments and Weed Management

Jared Greuel, CCA Soy Envoy and owner and sales agronomist for Greuel Farm Service, is featured on this month’s podcast to discuss herbicide treatments, the importance of diversification, understanding labels and active ingredients and other important weed management best practices.

By |August 3, 2021|

Practical Methods for Using Tissue Nutrient Analysis Results

We are just past the summer solstice and per the “crop” calendar, halfway through the year already. One activity that is often overlooked at this point in the year is evaluating the fertility programs’ performance and making adjustments, also known as tissue sampling.  The GI/GO Principle applies: The only way to receive good and usable results is to send in the correct tissue for the growth stage of the crop. I won’t go too deep into the procedure, but I will say that it does follow the GI/GO rule, Garbage in = Garbage out. Here’s a good resource that outlines [...]

By |July 26, 2021|

Ethylene Management for High Yield Soybeans

It has been a refreshing change to drive the countryside, meet with producers and scout fields that have emerged with little to no issues. I believe we can expect replant concerns to be minimal or as expected even with the recent, heavy rains due to excellent stand establishment. This fantastic start to the season is in part because I feel producers across East Central Illinois were able to do all of the following: Plant high quality/high cold germ seed Utilize proven seed treatments Plant on the first “field fit” date Achieve uniform emergence These four items have been a [...]

By |May 26, 2021|

What Your Waterhemp Hopes You Don’t Know

The 2021 planting season has begun in many counties across Illinois which means a new year is beginning for fresh thoughts and ideas. The first two weeks of April provided dry soils for planting, tillage, NH3 application and spring herbicide burndowns. However, recent rains have brought field activity to a strong stop. Now is a great time to reevaluate your herbicide program for the coming spring. Over the past five years, I have started taking a larger role in herbicide programs. I did this because there was an increasing number of producers asking if we had been successful on [...]

By |April 23, 2021|
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