Stephanie Porter

Application Opens for 2024 Soy Envoy Class

The Soy Envoy program, an initiative by ILSoyAdvisor and the Illinois Soybean Association, features seasoned experts in the soybean industry offering valuable insights to Illinois soybean farmers. Agronomists, certified crop advisers, farmers, and industry professionals are welcome to apply.

By |December 4, 2023|

Chronicles of Red Crown Rot: Part 1

Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) Outreach Agronomist, Stephanie Porter, CCA, recounts a visit to a soybean farm in Pike County plagued by red crown rot for the past five years. She shares historical information on the disease and how the ISA Agronomy team is actively engaging with plant pathologists, consultants, and researchers to explore current research and management strategies for red crown rot.

By |November 9, 2023|

Sudden Death Syndrome Still Exists

The desire for straightforward answers is common; however, this year, in particular, we've seen how various factors in the field can interconnect and contribute to diseases. ISA Outreach Agronomist & CCA, Stephanie Porter, encourages growers to follow this 10-step process to thoroughly assess situations in your soybean fields.

By |October 16, 2023|

A Need For Your Seed: SIU Seeks Soybean Samples for Research

The ISA agronomy team, in collaboration with SIU Professor Dr. Ahmad Fakhoury, is seeking soybean samples from various regions in Illinois. This initiative aims to provide valuable insights to farmers by identifying the predominant pathogens and pests affecting soybean production fields. Additionally, it seeks to understand how environmental and geographical factors contribute to their prevalence and distribution.

By |October 16, 2023|

How Cover Crops Impact Soybean Growth and Development

Researchers around the state are continuing to study and learn about the impact of cover crops on soybean growth and development and grain yield. Read observations from three experts and their assessments from this season and questions they are asking themselves in preparation for the 2024 growing season.

By |October 9, 2023|

Every Sample Counts: Submit Soybeans for 2023 Quality Survey

Participate in the 2023 Soybean Quality Survey and send in your soybean harvest sample for free. Dr. Seth Naeve from the University of Minnesota invites all U.S. farmers to contribute, and your individual test results will be kept confidential while helping identify the highest-quality soybean varieties.

By |September 19, 2023|
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