Stephanie Porter

What on Earth(worm) Are Those Brown Things?

Stephanie Porter shares more about identifying earthworm egg cocoons, emphasizing their role in soil health. She explains how lack of earthworms in a field doesn't always signify poor soil quality, and factors like soil type, pH, and moisture levels impact earthworm populations in agricultural fields.

By |April 23, 2024|

Can Henbit Serve As A Host Away from Soybean?

Illinois Soybean Association Outreach Agronomist, Stephanie Porter, CCA, shares the challenges of winter annual weeds, highlighting henbit and purple deadnettle as alternative hosts of soybean cyst nematode. Research suggests that managing winter annuals in the fall, applying residual herbicides, and removing winter weeds before planting are crucial strategies for management.

By |April 22, 2024|

Weed Control for Early Planted Soybeans

Dr. Hager's research found the most reliable weed control program for early planted soybeans involves a full rate of PRE plus POST herbicide application, while reducing PRE rates often leads to variable weed control. Delaying PRE herbicide application increases the risk of weed emergence before treatment, highlighting the importance of integrating both PRE and POST applications to minimize weed competition with soybeans and reduce seed return to the soil seedbank.

By |March 19, 2024|

Application Opens for 2024 Soy Envoy Class

The Soy Envoy program, an initiative by ILSoyAdvisor and the Illinois Soybean Association, features seasoned experts in the soybean industry offering valuable insights to Illinois soybean farmers. Agronomists, certified crop advisers, farmers, and industry professionals are welcome to apply.

By |December 4, 2023|
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