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Stephanie Porter

Review of 2022: The Illinois Soybean Scene

There were stresses out there that held back yield in many fields which kept them from going over 90 or 100 bushels this year, but overall Illinois soybean yields were still considered good. The question remains, will Illinois soybean yields be as good as last year?

By |November 9, 2022|

How Does Drought Affect Soybeans?

We can easily see corn showing signs of drought or heat symptoms, but signs of soybeans under drought stress aren’t as obvious. When soybeans suffer from heat and water stress, their responses vary due to their cellular structures, metabolic processes and physiological development, which all can directly and indirectly cause soybeans to exhibit symptoms based on their response. Early season soybean stress may cause leaves to be smaller or limit vegetative growth, thus more energy and efforts may be given to root development. A more obvious sign may be leaf flipping, which is like corn rolling. Soybeans flip leaves [...]

By |July 30, 2019|
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