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2018 Soybean Season: Challenges and Rewards

And, what a phenomenal finish for the checkered flag! The adage—whatever does not kill you can make you stronger—may have played out in true fashion in many ways this growing season. While every year is made different by the temperature and moisture extremes endured, the 2018 season end results seem to be well received by growers via comments and my personal observation throughout the state. Frankly, many folks predicted there was going to be a big bean crop in 2018 and they really hit the nail on the head. Recently, the USDA pegged Illinois at a record 64 bushels [...]

By |October 26, 2018|

Technology Update – Enlist Weed Control System

With herbicide-resistant weeds becoming an increasingly challenging problem each year, effective weed control options are a must-have for farmers. The Enlist™ system, commercially available in corn and cotton, is an effective weed control tool. Though Enlist E3™ soybeans aren’t yet available for commercial purchase, seed production continues in multiple locations, expanding genetic lines in a broad range of maturities to prepare for the full commercial launch in the future. The Enlist E3 trait offers tolerance to 2,4-D choline, glyphosate and glufosinate, giving farmers flexibility with their weed control choices. What do I like best about the Enlist system? The [...]

By |September 15, 2018|

There is an app for that…

Over the course of the 2018 growing season, I was challenged to review a few different soybean-scouting apps that are available on both iOS and Android platforms. And, after sampling several options that are currently available, I found some were informative but rather difficult to maneuver, or just too plain clumsy and complicated to make them of use in my opinion. However, I did find one app that suited my taste and impressed me in several respects. The Soybean Field Scout for Android and iOS – 2017 edition, created by the Purdue Crop Diagnostic Training and Research & Purdue [...]

By |August 22, 2018|

Help me, I’m melting … from soybean diseases

Spring weather conditions went from cold to dry to hot and wet, creating a perfect storm. The 2018 growing season started off well for many local growers as many reported seeing fast emergence and good stand establishment, for the most part. As recently noted by many growers, beans have raced through the vegetative stage and quickly entered the reproductive phase ahead of schedule.  But, a broad portion of central Illinois experienced an early season lack of widespread rainfall and good environmental conditions. See MRCC’s data for May. Then conditions began to turn to periods of heavy rain with [...]

By |July 5, 2018|

Diptera, Lepidoptera and Coleoptera—OH MY!

Scouting for early season soybean insect pests is beneficial in determining if your pre-planting management strategies are working as expected. Many growers are wisely choosing to treat their early planted soybean seeds with a minimum of an appropriate combination of fungicide/insecticide seed treatment product(s) because history has shown that those costly seeds can become life sustaining food for other natural creatures trying to survive in their own underground habitat. There are several insect pests that should be monitored for if emergence isn’t what you had anticipated. Typically, for most of the insect pests discussed, there are limited, if any, [...]

By |May 10, 2018|

The Early Bird Plants Smartly

When planting soybeans, we ought to ask ourselves this question, “Is it all about calendar date to ensure that we take the best steps to maximize soybean yields?” My response to that question is, “maybe.” It is true that early planting can have a positive influence on final yield, and planting into soils and environments that allow for rapid germination, establishment and vigorous early vegetative growth can have a momentous bearing to that end. But past planting seasons remind us that very early planting isn’t always possible or practical due to the whims of Mother Nature. Below are several [...]

By |April 11, 2018|

Food for Thought

In two months both your physical and mental activities will turn to focusing on planting your 2018 soybean crop, so now is the time to ensure your operation is maximizing its opportunities. Diligent preparation is needed so you don’t allow a lack of fertility and an improper pH to hinder your success before the first seed ever goes in the ground. Additionally, it is no secret that corn may not be the “king” of the castle anymore and relying on its unused fertility leftovers is no longer a sound management decision. Soybean fertility management must be a forethought and [...]

By |February 12, 2018|
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