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PODCAST: Jump-Starting Slow Growth Soybeans

CCA Soy Envoy Tracy Heuerman discusses the slow growth seen by soybeans early this summer and what it means for your fields as fall approaches. Listen and learn tips about how to make the most of your soybean crop this season.

By |July 21, 2019|

Management guidelines for soybeans under stress

In many parts of the state we have been plagued by saturated soils from a very early time. We continued to get record rainfall from April, when most farmers would think about planting, all the way through today. This has caused not only late-planted soybeans, but soybeans that in a lot of cases were planted into less than ideal soil conditions and are experiencing continued saturated soil conditions. This has caused soybeans to take a long time to emerge and they seem to have struggled to grow ever since. Recent warm weather has helped pushed beans along a little, [...]

By |July 15, 2019|

Postemergence Herbicide Recommendations in Soybeans

Getting your crops planted this year was likely the biggest challenge you’ve faced thus far. The second biggest challenge may be how to maintain good weed control, especially when it comes to waterhemp. Waterhemp has been the most troublesome weed for soybean farmers for the last 10 years. Since that time, no new postemergence (POST) herbicide modes-of-action (MOA) have been developed. We have, however, seen the development of new soybeans with herbicide-resistant traits. Although these new soybeans have made controlling waterhemp easier it’s important to know how to utilize them properly for good weed management. Glufosinate. Glufosinate is a [...]

By |June 12, 2019|

Preparing Seedbeds for Soybeans

For much of the state of Illinois, planting has been delayed due to seemingly perpetual rain and wet conditions. Hopefully there will be a window of opportunity soon to get back in the fields and continue, or in many cases begin field work and planting. As the calendar keeps progressing it will be tempting to complete fieldwork and planting in as little time as possible and in less than ideal conditions. Don’t forget that conditions at planting will play a major role in maximizing yields for both corn and soybeans from that point on. Tillage and burndown herbicides In [...]

By |May 13, 2019|

Five Tips to Better Manage Soybeans-Following-Soybeans

Although the USDA has forecasted corn acres to be up in 2019, there will no doubt continue to be some acres of soybeans-following-soybeans. For many growers, soybeans require less input cost and the ability to forecast a more consistent yield, making soybeans a desirable crop when the farm economy is down. Growing soybeans multiple years in a row may not be as easy as it sounds, however. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin suggest as much as a 5% decrease in yield for 2nd year soybeans and 12% in 3rd year soybeans. Here are some tips to help make [...]

By |April 17, 2019|

Soybean Population Trends

There has been a lot, and I mean a lot, of buzz lately around lowering soybean populations. There are many studies showing soybeans planted at lower populations either meet or exceed yields of soybeans planted at higher populations. There are also growers who are achieving very high soybean yields describing how they planted at lower populations. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are considering lowering your soybean planting population. Current planting population. Before I can recommend you lower your planting population, your current planting population must be considered. The term “lower” is relative not [...]

By |March 10, 2019|
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