Funded by the Illinois Soybean Association checkoff program.

Cover Crops

Pop-Up Field Day: Cover Crop Seeding Comparison

 If you are in Champaign or nearby, attend a pop-up field day on Wednesday, May 17th featuring a side-by-side comparison of small, autonomous robots that seeded cover crops in a field of standing corn in late summer versus a conventionally planted cover crop seeded in a harvested cornfield in late fall.

By |May 15, 2023|

Agronomy Field Notes

Illinois Soybean Association Director of Agronomy, Abigail Peterson, shares photos and information from the field. Read more about field conditions, planting, and cover crop checks across the state of Illinois!

By |April 28, 2023|

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.

Brad Zimmerman shares stories from his life that have been learning experiences for him and what he thought he knew, but turned out to be false or less correct.

By |March 28, 2023|

Cover Crop Species Selection

Even though we commonly hear about farmers being encouraged to plant “cover crops”, cover crops are not one single species or crop. Anyone following the conservation movement has heard of at least a few of the different options available.

By |February 22, 2023|
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