Planting Progress: A Marathon, Not a Sprint!

The Soy Envoys provide a short update on planting progress and field conditions across different regions of Illinois. They discuss weed control strategies and herbicide applications as well as the connection of winter annual weeds being a host for soybean cyst nematode. Listen to the full episode here or on all major podcasting platforms.

By |April 18, 2024|

Planting Progress Report: Addressing Henbit Concerns, Cover Crop Termination, Pest Alerts, and More.

In this podcast episode, the ILSoyAdvisor Soy Envoys launch a new series, offering updates on statewide field conditions. They focus on concerns such as henbit control, cover crop termination, and reports of black cutworms and armyworms. Additionally, they discuss planting progress, currently at 2% for corn and soybeans (as of 4/7), attributing the delay to precipitation and cooler nighttime temperatures.

By |April 11, 2024|

Integrated Weed Management Maybe the Answer to Herbicide Resistance

Herbicide resistance poses a significant challenge for farmers, prompting the need to explore diverse strategies for weed management. In this episode, Michael Flessner and Karen Corrigan discuss GROW's (Getting Rid of Weeds) comprehensive approach, emphasizing collaboration, research, and outreach for greater diversity of weed control strategies to complement chemical use.

By |March 27, 2024|

Soybean Success, No Longer a Secret

Dr. Connor Sible discusses the latest findings from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Crop Physiology Lab related to soybean planting dates, cover and double crop management, and optimizing fertilizer use efficiency to bring yield and ROI to soybean production.

By |March 25, 2024|
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