Jennifer Jones

Exploring Cover Crops as a SCN Management Tool

Soybean cyst nematode poses a significant threat to soybean yields, and despite previous management successes, it has adapted to resistance. Researchers, supported by the Illinois Soybean Association, are investigating the potential of cover crops as a tool to mitigate SCN damage.

By |October 9, 2023|

Reminder: Submit Soybean Samples for Stem Pest Survey

Dr. Nick Seiter and his team will carry out dectes stem borer counts in soybean fields across Illinois this fall. These counts, beginning during the R7-R8 growth stages, aim to gather valuable data on this stem pest and contribute to improved management strategies.

By |September 26, 2023|

New Grazing Cover Crops Checklist Now Available!

Jennifer Jones, Illinois Soybean Association Research Agronomist, discusses the importance of integrating livestock into cropping systems to enhance soil health. Jones highlights the benefits livestock bring such as nutrient distribution and increased soil organic matter.

By |September 12, 2023|
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