Sulfur Foundations in High Yield Soybeans

Dr. Shaun Casteel discusses intentional soybean management, beginning with establishing a solid foundation and then expanding into different production practices. He also covers considerations for sulfur management in connection to high yield soybean planting, field conditions, and other synergies.

By |February 12, 2024|

Illinois NREC Needs Your Input!

Annually, the Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council (NREC) invites stakeholders to provide input on existing and upcoming research priorities. Don't miss the chance to participate in the survey and attend the 2024 Investment Insights Live event on February 15th in Champaign.

By |January 29, 2024|

Illinois FFA Chapters Water Testing Challenge Winners Announced

Illinois Corn and Illinois Soybean Association collaborated to present the Water Testing Challenge to Illinois FFA chapters.  This hands-on, educational program challenged students to sample water from different areas on the farms and analyze that data with a report that included improvement suggestions and management changes with explanations on why it should change.

By |January 22, 2024|

Enhancing Soybean Yields: The Impact of Strategic Nutrient Management

This on-farm research project, funded by the Illinois Soybean Association checkoff program, explores the impact of strategic nutrient management on soybean yield across northern and central Illinois, examining various strategies under different conditions such as no-till, strip-till, row spacing, and cover cropping to inform best practices for soybean nutrient management.

By |January 15, 2024|

WEBINAR: Soybean-Specifics of Soil Health: What Do We Know?

When it comes to soybeans, are there specific considerations for soil health? In this webinar, Dr. Andrew Margenot with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, reviews reasons for anticipating soybean-specific considerations on soil health processes and management and methods for testing soil health.

By |December 8, 2023|
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