Soil Saturation Sorrow

Southern Illinois has experienced significant rainfall recently. How does this excess moisture affect the soil? Kelly Robertson from Precision Crop Services LLC and IL Soy Envoy provides some observations.

By |June 7, 2024|

Wet Spring Weather and Nitrogen Loss Revisited

With May's rainfall continuing following a wetter-than-usual April, concerns regarding nitrogen (N) losses are on the rise. In this farmdoc article, Giovani Preza Fontes and Emerson Nafziger talk about the concern of how much N will be available for the 2024 corn crop and determining the optimal timing for additional N application.

By |May 14, 2024|

Registration Open for 2024 Field Days

ILSoyAdvisor is committed to addressing the diverse soybean production challenges across Illinois. Join us for our summer field events, Field Talks and Tailgate Talks, where agronomic experts will provide region-specific advice and the latest agronomic information.

By |May 3, 2024|

Rainfall…And Replant?

In this episode, the Soy Envoys provide an overview of recent rainfall across various regions of Illinois with reports ranging from ½ inch to 5 inches. They discuss emerging concerns such as replant considerations for soybeans, disease in wheat fields, and seedling diseases. Looking ahead, they advise on re-planting decisions and caution against making major switches in crop too soon.

By |May 2, 2024|

What on Earth(worm) Are Those Brown Things?

Stephanie Porter shares more about identifying earthworm egg cocoons, emphasizing their role in soil health. She explains how lack of earthworms in a field doesn't always signify poor soil quality, and factors like soil type, pH, and moisture levels impact earthworm populations in agricultural fields.

By |April 23, 2024|

Early Soybean Planting Success

Kelly Robertson, Owner of Precision Crop Services and ILSoyAdvisor Soy Envoy, discusses field conditions for planting soybeans early and the factors that can potentially reduce yields. He examines various scenarios and shares insights from planting into different soil conditions.

By |April 2, 2024|
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