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Harvest Strategies

Harvest Time is Go Time … But So is Every Day

Fall harvest is a busy time for farmers. You see a lot of combines and other equipment working in the fields, sometimes around the clock, to get crops out before any bad weather arrives. Our fifth-generation farm is no different, although I am just as likely to be caring for our dairy cow herd as I am combining corn and soybeans or doing weed research for Purdue University. I put in a lot of long hours all year wearing so many hats. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. You might think that our activity on the farm [...]

By |October 15, 2020|

Are You Storing Soybeans and Corn Properly?

With harvest underway for most producers in the state, the next big challenge is to properly manage logistics to successfully deliver high quality grain to the point of sale. Depending where a producer is located it may or may not make sense to sell corn or soybeans right out of the field for numerous reasons (basis or future price, deferred income in next tax year, etc.). Harvest crop moisture can add another layer of complication for the 2020 growing season. So far this fall corn is taking a while to get dried down, and in some situations, soybeans are [...]

By |October 12, 2020|

How is Soybean Harvest Different in 2020?

Q & A with Christy Ford, Grain Originator with CHS Carrollton I’m sure we can all agree that we will be glad when the challenges of 2020 are behind us. However, we may all come out stronger and more appreciative of how life used to be and how simple it was to do business. With soybean harvest underway in some parts of the state, I felt it was important to reach out to a good friend and my personal grain advisor to share how to handle the grain elevator during fall 2020. Christy Ford is the grain originator with [...]

By |October 2, 2020|

Harvest Scouting Priorities

With harvest starting on some early maturing varieties, soybean yields are on a lot of growers’ minds. This year Illinois experienced a large feeding frenzy by Bean Leaf Beetle in many areas that called for late application of insecticide, but what else could explain loss in yield? Apart from June planted beans, little can be done at this point to help retain yield, but there are a few things to scout for in order to help explain some problem areas that you might encounter this fall or possibly next year. Insects & diseases Final stand counts Stressed areas Soybean [...]

By |September 28, 2020|

When Should I Harvest My Soybeans?

Four years ago, I entered a field in the Illinois Soybean Association 100-Bushel Challenge. The field was an early planted full-season variety. To say they looked great was an understatement. They had a good stand, good branching, and, most impressive of all, great pod counts. Unfortunately, the year turned dry at the end and my plants wound up dropping about 30% of their pods. My full season maturity hurt me. They still looked good (not great), so I decided to enter them into the contest. I had hoped to cut them at the end of the week, but due [...]

By |September 25, 2020|

PODCAST: A Look Back at the 2020 Growing Season

Randy Niver, CCA Soy Envoy and Asgrow DEKALB Technical Agronomist, is on the podcast this month to review the 2020 soybean growing season. Listen to learn more. ILSoyAdvisor Podcasts · A Look Back at the 2020 Growing Season

By |September 24, 2020|

Stay Safe This Harvest Season

I know you’re thinking this might be another repetitive article about basic, common sense information. But it’s that very mindset that increases the likelihood of farming accidents. Most accidents happen in the peak of the season when everyone is tired from the long days and little down time. Optimal weather conditions and daylight hours seem to be at a minimum and the time to get the year’s crop out shrinks as the year comes to a close. This issue is personal for me because I lost my grandfather in a combining accident this past December and it has forever [...]

By |September 22, 2020|

Five Challenges to Evaluate Before Soybean Harvest

With 2020 soybean harvest upon us, we are starting to see several fields turn yellow and soon the results of management practices and how a variety handled the season will be in. Yield is a weight number of how well a soybean managed itself during challenging environments and how efficiently it underwent photosynthesis. But yield is also an indication of how well we as agronomists and farmers managed a field and crop. Now is a great time to become a “student of the field” and learn as much as you can to improve management decisions for next year. Below [...]

By |September 21, 2020|

Five Tips for 2020 Soybean Harvest

This article originally appeared on FarmWeek Now. There’s no argument that 2020 has been a memorable year, but despite challenges, the soybean crop across the state looks promising. As we approach harvest, it’s important you are prepared to finish the season strong. Here are five tips for prepping for the 2020 soybean harvest. 1. Be proactive in getting technologies set and calibrated Yield monitors: Determine if software updates are necessary, preload your fields and review how to operate. Digital services: Make sure subscriptions and software are up to date. As-applied data: Make sure variety information is accurate and other as-applied [...]

By |September 12, 2020|

Why Are My Soybeans Turning Yellow?

For many, the arrival of September brings anticipation of school, fall sports, a variety of pumpkin flavored beverages and beautiful fall weather. In agriculture, September ushers in rapidly maturing crops and the culmination of the successes and disappointments of the 2020 season. Soybean fields beginning to turn color are an indication that harvest is fast approaching, yet yellowing or leaf senescence can be caused by a variety of agronomic issues in addition to being a natural maturation process. Let’s explore what causes soybean leaf senescence and how to identify some of the causes of premature leaf senescence. Pre-mature senescence [...]

By |September 8, 2020|
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