Jason Carey

Digital Tools to Better Understand Harvest Data

Harvest data is very beneficial when showing us what happened in a field, or to a product, but it doesn’t always give us the “why” we may have gotten a certain result. This data can be very powerful to help us to make input decisions and can be enhanced with technologies that provide insights into performance of these inputs. The question is often asked,” What was my most limiting factor?” and we can use digital tools to investigate this question. These technologies could range from as applied data to aerial imagery, however the two I want to focus on [...]

By |November 1, 2020|

Big Data vs. Digital Data

Big data has taken the agriculture industry by storm. It has been well received by some, and resented by others, for a multitude of reasons. Companies and universities have told us there is value in big data, that we should be using it to make management decisions and product recommendations. It is hard to argue this point, but what is the value of data if it is too confusing to understand and manage? That’s where digital agriculture comes in. Our industry has made strong advancements to make the data collected from planters, combines, soil tests, weather stations, etc. practical, [...]

By |January 13, 2020|
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