ILSoyAdvisor hosts numerous events throughout the year, including the annual Soybean Summit. These events bring key industry experts and local resources together to support growers in their efforts to hit higher yields, improve profitability and grow better beans.

ILSoyAdvisor Soybean Summit

Join Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) at the annual Soybean Summit for the latest in soybean production. Learn yield-maximizing techniques while preserving soil health. Discover ISA’s on-farm trialing service and gain insights from a farmer panel. Explore ISA’s checkoff-funded research projects and gain a deeper understanding of carbon markets. Stay updated on cover crop trends, secrets to high-yield soybean farming, 2024’s chemical supply chain, and managing soybean pests. Engage with college students and their research projects during happy hour.

Better Beans Series

Prepare for a successful 2024 growing season with the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) by attending a half-day Better Beans event in your area. The ISA Agronomy Team alongside university researchers and agronomy experts will deliver regional insights on a range of topics, from conquering weed challenges and managing diseases to optimizing soil health. Stay updated on the latest in soybean agronomy, sustainable production, and agribusiness management.

ILSoyAdvisor Webinars

ILSoyAdvisor Webinars