Nick Harre

Harvest Time is Go Time … But So is Every Day

Fall harvest is a busy time for farmers. You see a lot of combines and other equipment working in the fields, sometimes around the clock, to get crops out before any bad weather arrives. Our fifth-generation farm is no different, although I am just as likely to be caring for our dairy cow herd as I am combining corn and soybeans or doing weed research for Purdue University. I put in a lot of long hours all year wearing so many hats. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. You might think that our activity on the farm [...]

By |October 15, 2020|

Prepping Now for Challenges Facing the Farm in 2021

Our family grows soybeans in Washington County, Illinois, which is the top winter wheat producing county in the state. We take advantage of the southern Illinois geography raising both full-season seed soybeans and double-crop seed soybeans behind wheat. And while we haven’t started harvesting either soybean crop yet, we already are making preparations to address challenges we could face in 2021. The decisions we make will all come down to one word—profitability. What can we do to improve the bottom line for the future? The first potential challenge we continue to face is economics. Producing soybeans profitably has been [...]

By |October 8, 2020|
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