Equipment Management

Precision Drone Applications Take Flight in Farming

Growers and companies are increasingly adopting drones for precise and automated applications of fungicides, insecticides, and fertilizers. ISA Soy Envoy, Matt Herman, discusses how to maximize crop health and yield potential using aerial drone technology.

By |September 21, 2023|

Optimizing Soybean Harvest for Maximum Yields and Profitability

During harvest, optimizing soybean moisture and timing is crucial for efficiency and yield. Illinois Soybean Association Soy Envoy, Kris Ehler, offers valuable insights and tips, emphasizing the importance of monitoring moisture levels and modifying the combine for field conditions.

By |September 18, 2023|

Calibration is Key to Harvest Data Utilization

Don't overlook a crucial step before harvest: the calibration of the combine. Calibration ensures accurate yield detection systems, and although it may seem time-consuming, it's essential for high-quality data that can inform decisions for the next growing season.

By |September 14, 2023|

Putting Those Planter Upgrades to Use in Soybeans

Spring is in full-swing and a lot of beans and few acres of corn are already in the ground here in Central Illinois. The weather has certainly thrown us a curveball this spring with cool, yet dry conditions. Although the cool weather has kept a lot of farmers parked, some took advantage of the dry conditions to plant early beans or work the kinks out of the planter. Today, planters seem to be the most upgraded and rebuilt piece of equipment on many farms, thus the need to get those kinks out early in the spring. Corn planting is [...]

By |May 6, 2021|

Testing Tech

Soil Health Action Plan: Technology plays an important role in nutrient and water management at Schroeder Farms Water control structures improve field drainage and water conservation Variable rate technology applies nutrients where and when they are needed Doug Schroeder began farming because he enjoyed driving a tractor. His love for sitting in the cab, hand on the steering wheel, was a big part of his decision to spend his life working the family farm. Now, with technology advancements, he says he barely needs to touch the wheel. “The cab looks like something from NASA. We have about four LED [...]

By |July 6, 2019|
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