Cameron Jodlowski

Calibration is Key to Harvest Data Utilization

Don't overlook a crucial step before harvest: the calibration of the combine. Calibration ensures accurate yield detection systems, and although it may seem time-consuming, it's essential for high-quality data that can inform decisions for the next growing season.

By |September 14, 2023|

Calibration: The Key to Harvest Data Utilization

As harvest quickly approaches, many things are on the minds of farmers, from who is going to be running the grain cart to when is the best time for each specific field to be harvested. Farmers are chomping at the bit to start harvest, however with harvest comes a very important step in the precision ag cycle: calibration of the machines. What is Calibration? Calibration, in terms of harvest calibration, is the act of baselining a machine’s sensor to a standard measurement in order to have the most accurate yield detection system. Though there are multiple types of calibration [...]

By |September 3, 2021|

Five AgTech Pre-Planting Considerations

Spring has sprung and so has the excitement of a new crop season in Illinois. With all the excitement of a new crop, it is also a time to reflect on the last crop to see what can be improved with the new technology available. You have spent all winter seeing new, innovative ag tech at virtual events, farm shows and implement dealer events. Now you are ready to start applying this new technology into your operation. Before you start using some of the new precision ag and new ag tech tools, you may have to do a little [...]

By |April 5, 2021|
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