During harvest, growers may overlook the fundamental role of timing and soybean moisture to maximize efficiency, yield, and ROI. In this video, Illinois Soybean Association Soy Envoy, Kris Ehler, shares recommendations to optimize your soybean harvest.

In warm weather, soybeans can dry down more quickly than corn; therefore, harvest should take place as soon as soybeans reach 13 percent moisture. Many farmers could be giving up yield or risk seed damage if harvesting at or below 10 percent moisture. Therefore, growers should be aware of weather forecasts and harvesting at optimum moisture to maximize their profitability. If soybeans become too dry, their moisture can increase by way of dew during the morning. Ehler also shares examples of how to modify combines to capture as many soybeans as possible during challenging environmental or nonuniform field conditions.

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About the Author: Kris Ehler

Kris Ehler is a sales agronomist for Ehler Brothers Company in Thomasboro, Illinois. Kris is a graduate of the University of Illinois and a 20-year Certified Crop Adviser. The Illinois Soybean Association chose him as the first recipient of the Master Soybean Advisor Award in 2017. Kris was part of the advisory and agronomy team to help growers Bob & Jason Lakey set the Illinois state soybean record of 108 in 2015 and win the Illinois Yield contest in 2016 and 2017. His social media page, The Pursuit of 100+ Bushel Soybeans, has helped growers implement early planting and management practices to increase yields. Kris is married to his wife, Tracy, and they have twin 4-year-old girls. When not pursuing high yield soybeans, Kris enjoys camping, riding motorcycles and live music.

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