In this podcast episode, we hear from three agronomists with updates on soybean and corn harvest and their concerns for the upcoming season. Bayer Agronomist, Jim Donnelly, shares recent rains have delayed harvest, but soybean yields are generally in the 70s with some reports in the 60s and 80s. Crystal Williams, Illinois Soy Envoy and Pioneer Agronomist, notes that while rainfall has caused some delays, early soybean planting has been beneficial for yields. Steve Wilkens with Golden Harvest emphasizes the importance of learning from this year’s experiences and reports that yields have exceeded expectations.

Their main concerns from the past growing season include issues with white mold. Looking ahead to spring, Jim highlights the need for soil testing and addressing low potassium levels observed from the dry growing season. Steve is concerned about herbicides and weed control, emphasizing the importance of managing the seed bank and using cover crops effectively. Crystal shares concerns about weed management and corn rootworm control, echoing Steve’s recommendations for sticky traps in both corn and soybean fields. Additionally, all three agronomists stress the importance of not discounting the use of residual herbicides despite their performance in this unusual growing season. They encourage farmers to continue using residuals and prevent weed emergence. Tune in to gain valuable agronomic insight!

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About the Author: Kelsey Litchfield

Kelsey Litchfield is the Agronomic Outreach Specialist for the Illinois Soybean Association. In her role, she manages ILSoyAdvisor media platforms and assists the agronomy team with events and field days. A native of Rio, IL, Kelsey earned her bachelor’s degree from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2017 where she double majored in Agricultural Communications and Broadcast Journalism.

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