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How Will Planting Delays Impact Yield?

In this episode, the Soy Envoys discuss recent field activity, highlighting variability in conditions with some regions dry and suitable for planting while others remain wet. They also discuss significant weed pressure, reports of black cutworm feeding in both corn and soybeans, replanting, and more.

By |May 16, 2024|

Is It PPO Damage?

In 2024, weather conditions have shifted from ideal in March to cool and wet from April into May, raising concerns about herbicide applications, seedling diseases, and emergence issues. IL Soy Envoy, Eric Beckett, CCA, focuses on the use of PPO inhibitors which are crucial for preemergence weed control but may raise some alarms of unsightly-looking soybeans as they emerge and begin to grow.

By |May 15, 2024|

Planting Progress: Don’t Hit the Panic Button Yet!

Tune in to hear the Soy Envoys provide the latest field updates in this episode, where they discuss the sporadic planting progress and share their top concerns. From herbicide application to emerging pests and prevent planting, stay informed on the pressing agronomic issues impacting farmers.

By |May 9, 2024|

Rainfall…And Replant?

In this episode, the Soy Envoys provide an overview of recent rainfall across various regions of Illinois with reports ranging from ½ inch to 5 inches. They discuss emerging concerns such as replant considerations for soybeans, disease in wheat fields, and seedling diseases. Looking ahead, they advise on re-planting decisions and caution against making major switches in crop too soon.

By |May 2, 2024|

Planting Progress: A Marathon, Not a Sprint!

The Soy Envoys provide a short update on planting progress and field conditions across different regions of Illinois. They discuss weed control strategies and herbicide applications as well as the connection of winter annual weeds being a host for soybean cyst nematode. Listen to the full episode here or on all major podcasting platforms.

By |April 18, 2024|

Where Do Soybeans Come From?

Soy Envoy, Craig Grafton, shares the process of soybean breeding, shedding light on how new soybeans varieties are being developed. He also discusses the evolving landscape of soybean traits and the future of soybean breeding.

By |April 17, 2024|

Bulletins Live! Two – Are You in Compliance?

ILSoyAdvisor Soy Envoy, Karen Corrigan, introduces Bulletins Live! Two, a web-based application with access to Endangered Species Protection Bulletins, an extension of pesticide labels. She urges applicators to generate reports outlining any usage limitations or restrictions in their area prior to spraying.

By |April 16, 2024|
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