Integrated Pest Management

The Challenge: Winning Against Weeds

In this Better Beans presentation, Meaghan Anderson highlights how rapidly waterhemp resistance is outpacing herbicide development. She emphasizes the need for custom herbicide programs and for farmers to adopt non-chemical strategies.

By |February 22, 2024|

Soybean Stem Diseases in Illinois

In this Better Beans presentation, Dr. Jason Bond provides an update on a research project funded by IL Soybean, focusing on soybean stem diseases. He covers the collection of samples, shares results, and discusses incidences of specific diseases including anthracnose, SDS, charcoal rot, and more throughout the state.

By |February 16, 2024|

Year in Review: Unpacking Agronomy Highlights of 2023

Join Kelsey Litchfield and Stephanie Porter on the latest episode of the ILSoyAdvisor podcast as they dive into the challenges and highlights of the 2023 growing season. They will discuss the soybean production issues faced by growers, from herbicide residuals to red crown rot, heightened insect pressure, extreme weather conditions, and more.

By |December 14, 2023|

Register Today for Soybean Summit on February 1st

Join Illinois Soybean Association at the annual Soybean Summit in Champaign for the latest in soybean production. Attendees will be updated on cover crop trends, secrets to high-yield soybean farming, 2024’s chemical supply chain, and soybean pest management. Register today!

By |December 6, 2023|

Register Today for 2024 Better Beans Series!

Prepare for a successful 2024 growing season with the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) by attending a half-day Better Beans event in your area. The ISA Agronomy Team alongside university researchers and agronomy experts will deliver regional insights on a range of topics, from conquering weed challenges and managing diseases to optimizing soil health.

By |November 30, 2023|
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