Integrated Pest Management

What About Stem Canker on Soybean?

Illinois Soybean Association Outreach Agronomist and Certified Crop Adviser, Stephanie Porter, reports on a fairly common, yet hardly discussed disease - Stem Canker on Soybean. Porter writes about its causes, symptoms, and impacts on soybeans, emphasizing early diagnosis, plant resistance, and ongoing research for effective management.

By |August 10, 2023|

Webinar Wrap-Up: Understanding the Endangered Species Act & Its Impact on Pesticide Regulation

Dr. Aaron Hager, Associate Professor at the University of Illinois Crop Sciences, spoke in a recent ILSoyAdvisor webinar about how pesticide registration and regulation will be affected by the ESA. In his presentation, he discussed the regulatory framework that drives the ESA process and predicts how pesticide usage will be become more complex in the future.

By |August 7, 2023|

An Overview of SCN HG Types

Soy Envoy Leo Rocha explains the concept of HG type testing, which measures the ability of SCN populations to reproduce on specific indicator soybean lines. To determine SCN resistance levels on your farm, read more about Rocha's recommendations.

By |July 31, 2023|
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