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Assistance Programs

Get Covered with Available Farm Programs in 2021

Illinois soybean and wheat farmers have plenty of programs at their disposal to protect and grow 2021 crop production. The best approach is to understand what programs are available, take note of any registration or application deadlines and double-check for updates to last year’s programs. That was the advice of a trio of farm program officials speaking during the 2021 Double-Crop Farmers Forum sponsored by ISA, the Illinois Wheat Association and several other partners. Brian Frieden, Illinois state director with the Risk Management Agency; Wendy Mueller, Illinois compliance chief program officer for the Farm Service Agency (FSA); and Ray [...]

By |February 5, 2021|

PCM Financial Analysis of Tillage Operations for Soybean Production

We’re excited to introduce ILSoyAdvisor readers to Precision Conservation Management (PCM). PCM is a farmer service program in Illinois and Kentucky that helps farmers scale use of conservation practices like reduced tillage, nutrient management and cover crops in a way that focuses on impact to farm income. PCM was launched by the IL Corn Growers Association in 2015 and has grown rapidly, now serving around 350 farmers and representing over 300,000 acres of farmland in Illinois. Following the exciting announcement that the Illinois Soybean Association is joining IL Corn Growers as joint partners in PCM, this seems like a [...]

By |January 8, 2021|

End of Year Deadlines at the FSA Office

For most, the 2020 harvest has come to an end and now it’s time to quickly complete all the year-end tasks. It’s important to remember that between now and the end of the year there are very few open days of business for the county FSA offices, so be proactive and address any needs sooner rather than later. I recently had the opportunity to visit with FSA State Executive Director William Graff. During our conversation, I learned about upcoming FSA deadlines and the importance of updating FSA farm records. We both agreed that with the holiday season upon us [...]

By |December 11, 2020|

CCA Soy Envoys Provide Soybean-savvy Insights for Illinois Growers

The soybean industry can be complex and the challenges we face often require knowledge from teams of experts outside of our operations. When it comes to agronomic insight, I like to lean on fellow soybean buffs to help me find new ways to make my operation successful. Among my favorite resources are the CCA (Certified Crop Adviser) Soy Envoys. The CCA Soy Envoy program, funded by the Illinois Soybean Association checkoff program, helps soybean growers increase yields and profits while minimizing their environmental impact. Thanks to this partnership between the Illinois Soybean Association and Illinois Certified Crop Advisers, I [...]

By |May 21, 2020|

Premium Discount

This December a new premium discount program is available to farmers who plant cover crops ahead of a federally insured commodity crop and insured with approved insurance providers. The new state program called Fall Covers for Spring Savings is administered by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the Illinois 97 Soil and Water Conservation Districts. The $5 premium discount is available on 50,000 acres of cover crops that were planted in the fall of 2019. This program is a result of several diverse organizations partnering together to design a program that would be easy for farmers to enroll and [...]

By |December 15, 2019|

What Does a CCA Soy Envoy Do?

It was an 86-year-long journey that eventually launched the modern Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) program. The American Society of Agronomy (ASA), currently headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, was founded on December 31, 1907 with only 43 individuals—over time that would grow to 10,000 members in 1978. The ASA provides resources and network opportunities for agronomy and soil professionals to learn and in turn advise others. In 1993, ASA launched the Certified Crop Adviser program. There are currently 13,000 individuals, including 1,200 form Illinois that have earned and currently hold the honor of being a CCA. The purpose of a certification [...]

By |December 3, 2019|

Innovative Grower Panel Confirmed for Tech Connect

Just confirmed for Tech Connect on July 16 is a panel of three innovative farmers who will discuss “AgTech Lessons from My Farm.” Illinois farmers Ken Dalenberg, Steve Pitstick and Jacob Wade will share what they learned using agtech on their own farms and offer suggestions for others interested in implementing new technologies. • Ken Dalenberg has tested and consulted on technologies for The Climate Corporation, Farmers Business Network, Syngenta’s AgriEdge, Agrible, John Deere and other companies after becoming an early adopter of agtech on his own operation. Dalenberg’s Scattered Acres Farm near Mansfield, Illinois, has been the site [...]

By |July 1, 2019|

Crop Insurance Options For Farmers Affected by Flooding or Excess Moisture

May 24, 2019 – USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) reminds producers who have federal crop insurance coverage and are unable to plant a crop because of flooding or excess moisture to contact their crop insurance agent to discuss available prevented planting options. Crop insurance agents can discuss available options on when and how to file a claim related to prevented planting. Brian Frieden, Director of RMA’s Springfield Regional Office, urges producers who are unable to plant their crop by the final planting date or who need to replant acreage to contact their crop insurance agent. Producers who are prevented from [...]

By |May 30, 2019|

Compeer Financial Shares Tax Information

In this episode of Profitability Radio, we speak with Jan Schaffer, tax development consultant with Compeer Financial, about taxes, financial planning and succession planning. Schaffer discusses the importance of working with a financial professional, the basics of financial and succession planning as well as how farmers will be affected by changes in the new tax bill passed in late 2017. Key Takeaways: Don’t tax plan for a single year – may not be best for the business over the long term An expert can help you get better numbers and make better decisions Profitability Planning and deductions – [...]

By |May 4, 2018|

2014 Farm Bill

While you’re fueling and feeding the world, we’re making sure your voice is heard at all levels. The 2014 Farm Bill is an important step in protecting farmers’ interests and keeping U.S. agriculture competitive worldwide. As proud supporters and shapers of the 2014 Farm Bill, Illinois Soybean Growers leveraged a host of tools including the Voice for Soy Action Network to unite growers in advocating for its passage. The success story goes right to your roots, with impacts to direct payments, crop insurance, rural development, foreign trade, biodiesel education, food assistance, farm development, and more. Significantly, this bill makes [...]

By |April 23, 2014|
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