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Tillage Benchmarks for Soybeans in Illinois

This article was originally published on FarmdocDaily. The costs of machinery ownership and labor are two important factors when considering tillage decisions (Swanson et al., 2020). In an October farmdoc daily article (October 26, 2020), we examine tillage benchmarks for corn on Illinois farms in the Precision Conservation Management (PCM) dataset. Similarly, in this article, we explore tillage benchmarks for soybeans on Illinois farms in the PCM dataset and provide information about the types of tillage occurring and the average cost and returns for each tillage type. Precision Conservation Management (PCM) We summarize data from Precision Conservation Management (PCM) for [...]

By |April 7, 2021|

PCM Impacts: Summarizing Practice Adoption, Nutrient and Sediment Loss Reductions

The months of January through March are particularly busy for those of us working with the Precision Conservation Management program (PCM). That’s when we are developing and delivering our customized reports to each PCM cooperator across Illinois and Kentucky. We’re always glad to see the end of March come since – right when Illinois farmers are about to spring into action with planting activities - we are more than ready for a little breather. But we did have a chance to pull together some numbers summarizing the impacts of the PCM program. Let’s start with program enrolled acres. PCM [...]

By |March 31, 2021|

PCM Financial Analysis of Tillage Operations for Soybean Production

We’re excited to introduce ILSoyAdvisor readers to Precision Conservation Management (PCM). PCM is a farmer service program in Illinois and Kentucky that helps farmers scale use of conservation practices like reduced tillage, nutrient management and cover crops in a way that focuses on impact to farm income. PCM was launched by the IL Corn Growers Association in 2015 and has grown rapidly, now serving around 350 farmers and representing over 300,000 acres of farmland in Illinois. Following the exciting announcement that the Illinois Soybean Association is joining IL Corn Growers as joint partners in PCM, this seems like a [...]

By |January 8, 2021|

GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS: Nitrate loads in the Illinois River are down, but not enough to achieve state goals

In case you missed the headlines in the national papers, the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone was the largest in recorded history this summer. Yes, that’s the bad news. The good news is, despite high flows and large nitrate-nitrogen (nitrate-N) loads in the Illinois River in April and May, the 2017 yearly nitrate-N loading in the river was about 5% lower than the 1980-96 baseline average load. The 1980-96 baseline is important because it serves as the reference point for IL-EPA’s requested reductions of 45% for nitrate nitrogen and total phosphorus loading to the Gulf of Mexico by 2035. [...]

By |January 10, 2018|
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