The soybean industry can be complex and the challenges we face often require knowledge from teams of experts outside of our operations. When it comes to agronomic insight, I like to lean on fellow soybean buffs to help me find new ways to make my operation successful. Among my favorite resources are the CCA (Certified Crop Adviser) Soy Envoys.

The CCA Soy Envoy program, funded by the Illinois Soybean Association checkoff program, helps soybean growers increase yields and profits while minimizing their environmental impact. Thanks to this partnership between the Illinois Soybean Association and Illinois Certified Crop Advisers, I can look to resources from the Soy Envoys to help solve challenges facing my farm or find innovative practices to increase my soybean yields.

Through articles, podcasts, webinars and event support via the website, Envoys support growers in achieving their goals. They touch on topics including nutrient reduction strategies, watershed concerns, weed management, disease risk and so much more.

The newly named 2020 class of CCA Soy Envoys will provide recommendations throughout the season to Illinois growers. Ashley McEwen, Cody Pettit, Jason Boehler, Jason Carr, Jason Haegele and Randy Niver were chosen as 2020 CCA Soy Envoys for their deep knowledge of the soybean industry. They’ve proven themselves as experts on all things soybeans and offer third-party unbiased opinions.

Like all CCAs, the Soy Envoys go through a rigorous certification process demonstrating their commitment, education, expertise and experience in making a difference for growers. To become certified, individuals must past two comprehensive exams and complete 40 hours of continuing education every two years. Only 40 percent pass the exams, proving that those who do become certified are deeply experienced and dedicated.

From timely crop updates to insight throughout the growing season, the six Envoys provide expertise that we may not find elsewhere. Their mission is to get good information in the hands of growers like you and me. Envoys specialize in various areas ranging from fertility to chemical and seed genetics, agronomic research, breeding and beyond. They’re some of the best in the field and I can rest easy knowing that I’m getting good advice from them.

The Envoys are spread across Illinois to offer local recommendations and actionable insights specific to growers in their areas. For example, white mold can be a problem in the northern part of the state but typically isn’t a problem in the southern portion. Envoys’ knowledge of challenges in their areas is a huge benefit to growers and it’s comforting to know I have relevant resources at the tip of my fingers.

The CCA Soy Envoy program is advancing soybean operations across the state and I’m thankful for the dedication and commitment from Envoys in serving Illinois farmers.

Visit the CCA Soy Envoy page to learn more and read updates.

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About the Author: Doug Schroeder

Doug Schroeder is chairman for the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA), a district director and member of the ISA Marketing Committee. He raises seed corn and soybeans near Mahomet, Ill. Schroeder is a graduate of the University of Illinois and Illinois Ag Leadership program and was an American Soybean Association DuPont Young Leader.