Join Dr. Andrew Margenot, Associate Professor at the University of Illinois Urbana
Champaign, and PhD student, Yuhei Nakayama, for a webinar covering The 4Rs of Phosphorus
Management for Illinois Soybean Production on July 11th at 10:00am.

In Illinois and the greater North Central region, soybean is uniquely situated to contribute to nutrient
loss reduction and capitalizing on proposed carbon crediting programs. To this end, Illinois Soybean
Association funded research results will be reviewed on the 4Rs of phosphorus (P) management, which
stands to deliver nitrogen (N) loss reduction benefits.


Dr. Andrew Margenot: Andrew Margenot is a soil scientist and faculty member at University of Illinois
UrbanaChampaign. After his Ph.D. research on soil fertility in East Africa, he joined the Illinois
agricultural scene in 2017, where he leads a research team that evaluates nutrient biogeochemistry in
our state and the greater North Central US region. Dr. Margenot’s research focuses in particular on
phosphorus management, soil health, and carbon crediting, with the goal of supporting efficient use of
nutrients for crop productivity that support environmental quality.

Yuhei Nakayama: Yuhei Nakayama is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Crop Sciences at University of
Illinois at UrbanaChampaign. He is interested in understanding soil nutrient cycling in both agricultural

and natural systems. Yuhei’s current Ph.D. research topics include phosphorus management in

Illinois soybean production system and longterm impacts of agriculture on soil nutrient stocks

and cycling.

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