More Rain…Now What?

Illinois experienced significant rainfall this week, including a derecho that brought substantial precipitation to several areas. How will this impact the crops? Our IL Soy Envoys share their insights on the situation, along with updates on fungicide applications, pollination challenges, corn leaf aphids, soybean diseases, and more.

By |July 18, 2024|

Protecting the Solar Panels from Defoliation

Insect feeding is a yearly occurrence in soybean fields throughout Illinois, often going unnoticed until it becomes severe. IL Soy Envoy Shelby Weckel, CCA, discusses insect scouting and how to evaluate the threshold for control measures.

By |July 18, 2024|

Illinois Leopold Conservation Award Finalists Selected

Three finalists for the 2024 Illinois Leopold Conservation Award have been announced. This prestigious award celebrates farmers and forestland owners dedicated to exceptional soil health, water quality, and wildlife habitat management. The winner, to be announced at this summer’s Illinois State Fair, will receive $10,000 and have their conservation story showcased in a video and other outreach.

By |July 16, 2024|

Should You Apply a Fungicide?

Halfway through the growing season, many farmers are debating fungicide application despite low commodity prices. What do our IL Soy Envoys and Certified Crop Advisers think? Tune in for their latest crop updates, Hurricane Beryl rainfall reports, Illinois record crop predictions, and more!

By |July 11, 2024|

Staging Soybeans for Fungicide at the R3 Growth Stage

When scouting soybeans for fungicide application, it's important to first check the growth stage across the field. Stephanie Porter, CCA, demonstrates how to identify the R3 growth stage in soybean plants and how to inspect for diseases such as Septoria brown spot and insect damage.

By |July 10, 2024|

Well…How’d You Do?

As IL Soy Envoy Craig Grafton monitors the development of this year's crop and reflects on the recent planting season, he emphasizes the importance of evaluating successes and areas for improvement. In this blog post, he shares his approach to planting and assessing plots as the season unfolds.

By |July 8, 2024|

And the Bad News Is?

After a week's break, the IL Soy Envoys have returned to provide their latest field reports. They cover precipitation levels—or the lack thereof in some regions—and discuss the emergence of tar spot and other potential diseases.

By |July 2, 2024|
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