Conservation Practices

Planting Progress: Don’t Hit the Panic Button Yet!

Tune in to hear the Soy Envoys provide the latest field updates in this episode, where they discuss the sporadic planting progress and share their top concerns. From herbicide application to emerging pests and prevent planting, stay informed on the pressing agronomic issues impacting farmers.

By |May 9, 2024|

Registration Open for 2024 Field Days

ILSoyAdvisor is committed to addressing the diverse soybean production challenges across Illinois. Join us for our summer field events, Field Talks and Tailgate Talks, where agronomic experts will provide region-specific advice and the latest agronomic information.

By |May 3, 2024|

EPA Publishes Update on Herbicide Strategy Progress

The EPA issued an update on the Herbicide Strategy, including more options for conservation measures and improved mapping to identify areas requiring practices. By using four tiers to describe mitigation effectiveness, the EPA aims to reduce the areas mandating specific conservation practices. The agency plans to release the complete strategy by August 30th.

By |April 24, 2024|

Planting Progress Report: Addressing Henbit Concerns, Cover Crop Termination, Pest Alerts, and More.

In this podcast episode, the ILSoyAdvisor Soy Envoys launch a new series, offering updates on statewide field conditions. They focus on concerns such as henbit control, cover crop termination, and reports of black cutworms and armyworms. Additionally, they discuss planting progress, currently at 2% for corn and soybeans (as of 4/7), attributing the delay to precipitation and cooler nighttime temperatures.

By |April 11, 2024|

Last Minute Cover Crop Termination Tips

Jim Isermann of the Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership provides last-minute tips on cover crop termination, specifically focusing on herbicide-based termination methods. He shares more on herbicide application, termination timing, and cover crop growth stage.

By |April 11, 2024|
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