Monitoring Root Development and Planning for Fungicide

Crop conditions across the state remain highly variable, and the IL Soy Envoys share their regional updates. This episode also covers wheat harvest, root establishment issues, slug damage, crops in the "ugly duckling" phase, herbicide misapplications, and notes for fungicide season.

By |June 13, 2024|

Which Insect Pests and Diseases Cause the Most Damage to Soybean Stems in Illinois?

Researchers collected over 200 diseased stems from 59 counties in Illinois between 2022 and 2023 to address gaps in understanding soybean stem pests and diseases. Based on this data, Dr. Nick Seiter highlights the significance of dectes stem borer in no-till fields in south-central Illinois, while Dr. Jason Bond discusses prevalent diseases such as fusarium, stem-canker, and charcoal rot across various counties, offering management strategies to combat these issues.

By |June 10, 2024|

“Way Too Early” Soybean Yield Predictions

In the latest podcast episode, the Soy Envoys share challenges posed by highly variable crop conditions, including yellowing in fields, persistent waterhemp problems, and root development issues. They also share their "way too early" soybean yield predictions and offer a detailed crop report from their region.

By |June 6, 2024|

How Can the Profitability of Double Crop Wheat and Soybeans Be Improved?

Double crop soybeans after winter wheat can enhance profitability and soil health in the Midwest, but success depends on identifying early-maturing winter wheat varieties to optimize soybean planting conditions. This Illinois Soybean Association-funded project aims to identify high-yielding winter wheat varieties that can be harvested earlier and allow earlier planting of double-crop soybeans to maximize soybean yield potential.  

By |June 3, 2024|

Rain Makes Grain??

Overall, crop conditions are highly variable across Illinois, with progress and challenges differing by field and location. Some areas are done planting while others are delayed by rainfall and storms. This episode discusses concerns such as hail damage, flash floods, sandblasting, nitrogen deficiency, strong emergence of weeds, and more.

By |May 30, 2024|

How Will Planting Delays Impact Yield?

In this episode, the Soy Envoys discuss recent field activity, highlighting variability in conditions with some regions dry and suitable for planting while others remain wet. They also discuss significant weed pressure, reports of black cutworm feeding in both corn and soybeans, replanting, and more.

By |May 16, 2024|

Planting Progress: Don’t Hit the Panic Button Yet!

Tune in to hear the Soy Envoys provide the latest field updates in this episode, where they discuss the sporadic planting progress and share their top concerns. From herbicide application to emerging pests and prevent planting, stay informed on the pressing agronomic issues impacting farmers.

By |May 9, 2024|
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