I Believe In the CCA Program

ISA Soy Envoy, Karen Corrigan, discusses various criticisms directed towards the Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) program and highlights the importance of CCAs in the agronomy profession.

By |September 25, 2023|

Stay Safe During Harvest Season

Harvest is a fun time of year, where you can see what hybrids/varieties did well, what trials outperformed others, and where your hard work paid off. Don’t get complacent and think that every day is going to have the same result. Stay alert, have a great fall and most importantly, stay safe.

By |September 22, 2023|

Every Sample Counts: Submit Soybeans for 2023 Quality Survey

Participate in the 2023 Soybean Quality Survey and send in your soybean harvest sample for free. Dr. Seth Naeve from the University of Minnesota invites all U.S. farmers to contribute, and your individual test results will be kept confidential while helping identify the highest-quality soybean varieties.

By |September 19, 2023|

Calibration is Key to Harvest Data Utilization

Don't overlook a crucial step before harvest: the calibration of the combine. Calibration ensures accurate yield detection systems, and although it may seem time-consuming, it's essential for high-quality data that can inform decisions for the next growing season.

By |September 14, 2023|

Hurricanes, River Levels, and Harvest

Nutrien Ag's Matt Reardon delivers an early fall weather update, highlighting the Midwest's challenges with dry conditions that have resulted in alarmingly low river levels. Additionally, he discusses the likelihood of El Nino bringing precipitation during the harvest season.

By |September 12, 2023|

New Grazing Cover Crops Checklist Now Available!

Jennifer Jones, Illinois Soybean Association Research Agronomist, discusses the importance of integrating livestock into cropping systems to enhance soil health. Jones highlights the benefits livestock bring such as nutrient distribution and increased soil organic matter.

By |September 12, 2023|

Survey for Resistance to Group 15 Herbicides in Illinois Waterhemp

To better understand the level of resistance to Group 15 herbicides, Dr. Aaron Hager is seeking waterhemp seed collections from Illinois soybean fields. Results will be used to provide farmers with recommendations on how best to incorporate these herbicides into integrated weed management programs.

By |September 11, 2023|
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