Does Late Planting Mean Delayed Yields?

The 2024 planting season has been marked by significant variability, especially in planting dates. This raises the question: should soybean fields planted in mid-May be managed like those planted in April? According to IL Soy Envoy Drew Beckman, the answer is yes, and he provides reasoning in his latest blog.

By |June 17, 2024|

Register for Good Idea Shop Talks

Want to connect with other producers using conservation practices? Join the Good Idea Shop Talks, a free virtual meet-up series where you can share ideas and learn information on enhancing soil and water resources, as well as overcoming on-farm challenges.

By |June 12, 2024|

Post Dicamba June 12th Cutoff & 85 Degree Temperature Reminder

The application cutoff date for dicamba use over-the-top of soybeans is June 12th, and the projected forecast for much of the state shows elevated temperatures for the week. IFCA understands the pressure ag retailer members face to control weeds with available crop protection products, but violations of the cut-off date, temperature restriction, or recordkeeping requirements will be considered willful violations of the Illinois Pesticide Act, so it is crucial to discuss label requirements with customers to ensure compliance.

By |June 11, 2024|

Crop Scouting During the Awkward Junior High Stage

In a "normal" year, Stephanie Porter's focus would be on scouting V7 corn and R1 soybeans. However, with corn planted at varying intervals this year, it's essential to approach each field with a different mindset. Read on to see her photos and observations from the field.

By |June 10, 2024|

Soil Saturation Sorrow

Southern Illinois has experienced significant rainfall recently. How does this excess moisture affect the soil? Kelly Robertson from Precision Crop Services LLC and IL Soy Envoy provides some observations.

By |June 7, 2024|
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