Foliar and stem diseases and insect pests are among the greatest threats to soybean production. Research efforts and attention have primarily focused on the health of the foliage, pods, and seeds, even though many pathogens and insects compromise the health of soybean stems. These constraints often lead to both direct yield loss and indirect losses at harvest. Our research efforts are leading to a clearer picture of the incidence and severity of stem diseases and insects. The results of our statewide detection efforts will be discussed along with a summary of the results from an“Insects and Disease” farmer survey that we conducted in 2022.

This presentation was featured at Soybean Summit on February 2, 2023.

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About the Author: Jason Bond

Currently, Dr. Bond divides his time at SIU between research, teaching and service appointments. The Director of the Illinois Soybean Center at SIUC, Dr. Bond’s research and teaching program focuses on disease management in Midwestern row crops. He also serves as the advisor for the Agronomy Society, which provides leadership and professional development opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

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