Jason Bond

Using Multispectral Platforms to Manage the Soybean Cyst Nematode

Pest Management USING MULTISPECTRAL PLATFORMS TO MANAGE THE SOYBEAN CYST NEMATODE QUESTIONS THIS PROJECT WILL ADDRESS How can we gain a better understanding of what soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is doing in a soybean field without collecting more time- and cost-intensive soil samples? How can we use technology to better detect infestation levels of SCN and help guide management decisions? Project Information SCN has earned the title of #1 soybean pathogen not just because of the economic loss it inflicts, [...]

By |December 15, 2022|

Disease: Soil Pathogens Are a Constant Menace

You are investing a lot of money in the soybean seed you buy today and you expect the variety to yield in return. But to realize the yield you expect, you first have to the give each and every seed a fighting chance to emerge and produce a healthy seedling that will mature into a pod-bearing plant. And soil-borne pathogens are your nemesis. When considering all the stresses that soybeans incur during the season it is remarkable how well they do in Illinois. From the day of germination until yellowing, soil-borne pathogens are nibbling on plant roots and attacking [...]

By |April 29, 2015|
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