Corn and soybean planting is ongoing, with some areas finished and others delayed due to field location and rainfall. Storms have caused hail damage, leading to possible soybean replanting, and crusting may also require replanting. Flash floods and ponding are creating nitrogen concerns and yellowing. Wind has also caused sandblasting in central Illinois.

Crop growth stages vary for both corn and soybeans. Post herbicide application is in progress, but strong weed emergence, particularly waterhemp, is alarming. There is concern for herbicide effectiveness and the need for responsible dicamba use to minimize off-target movement. There are also reports of sidedressing in corn. Overall, conditions are highly variable across Illinois, with progress and challenges differing by field and location.

The guests in today’s podcast include Karen Corrigan, McGillicuddy Corrigan Agronomics; Eric Beckett, Illini FS; Stephanie Porter, Illinois Soybean Association; Drew Beckman, Beck’s Hybrids; Craig Grafton, Bayer Crop Science; and Shelby Weckel, Ehler Bros Seed. Today’s podcast was hosted by Kelsey Litchfield, Agronomic Outreach Specialist for Illinois Soybean Association.

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About the Author: Kelsey Litchfield

Kelsey Litchfield is the Agronomic Outreach Specialist for the Illinois Soybean Association. In her role, she manages ILSoyAdvisor media platforms and assists the agronomy team with events and field days. A native of Rio, IL, Kelsey earned her bachelor’s degree from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2017 where she double majored in Agricultural Communications and Broadcast Journalism.

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