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What To Do When the Water Doesn’t Turn Off – Managing Cover Crops in a Wet Spring

We all remember years when planting conditions were difficult due to excess moisture. Who could forget 2019, when it seemed the rain would never stop and many around the state and region dealt with delayed planting decisions? While we hope another year like 2019 never comes around again, it’s good to think ahead and plan for those “what if” scenarios. A wet spring can be even more nerve-wracking if you planted an overwintering cover crop and need to terminate it in order to plant your cash crop. What are some strategies to consider if you are confronted with this [...]

By |February 7, 2022|

Cover Crops and Herbicides

I think one of the most overlooked problems with farmers trying cover crops is not paying enough attention to the herbicide program that was used in the cash crop before the cover crop was planted. We, as farmers, spend a great deal of money to control weeds in our cash crop fields. Over the last several years, many “hard” to control weeds like waterhemp and resistant marestail have pushed many of us to use herbicides that have more residual activity or we have to spray “late” rescue treatments to control late escaping weeds. These late applications or more persistent [...]

By |August 6, 2021|

Three Considerations for Fall Cover Crops

Over the years I have had several growers ask me “Do cover crops work?” Usually, my follow-up statement is “It depends.” Cover crops are a broad subject that can be somewhat complicated to understand at times. So it’s never too early to start doing your homework for 2021. But first and foremost, a grower must ask themselves “Why am I using a cover crop?” and “Is the selected species of cover crop going to accomplish the goals I have?” Several times I have seen growers struggle with cover crops because they were using the wrong species or seeding rates [...]

By |August 28, 2020|

Cover Crops and Conservation

Soil Health Action Plan: Cover crops help solve soil erosion and nutrient loss issues on Tom Kentner's farm Conservation tillage supports healthy soil Soil and tissue testing are tools in Kentner’s belt to evaluate the health of his soil Healthy crops come from healthy soil Tom Kentner and his wife, Susan, farm more than 1,200 acres of corn and soybeans with their son, Alex. The family operation near Danville, Illinois, is deep in the Lake Vermillion Watershed, so sustainability is top of mind to protect downstream water quality. Cover crops and minimum tillage practices help Kentner achieve his goal [...]

By |July 8, 2019|

Cover crops for prevent planting

SPRINGFIELD, IL - June 6 - When the time comes to decide about the best way to manage acres in prevent plant, it may be a good time to test out some cover crop options. There are many reasons to consider cover crops on your prevent plant acres this year. It will be especially important to consider cover crops to retain any nitrogen that was applied in either the fall or early spring. Cover crops will reduce nutrient loss and help stabilize the soil structure. Weed control needs to be considered and NREC research has shown that cover crops [...]

By |June 13, 2019|

Seven Tips to Make Cover Crops Pay

While many growers realize the long-term benefits of cover crops for their soil, justifying an extra $30 to $35 an acre may be difficult in the short term. How do you make cover crops pay without an immediate return on investment with a grain sale? Speaking at the recent Conservation Cropping Seminar in Springfield, Illinois, Sarah Carlson, strategic initiatives director for Practical Farmers of Iowa Cooperators’ Program, presented seven tips for making cover crops pay: 1. Be cautious about how much you spend on seed. Cover crop seed can become expensive quickly, especially with more exotic choices like radishes [...]

By |March 29, 2019|

PODCAST: Planning for Success – Fall Cover Crops

Kris Reynolds, Midwest District Director with American Farmland Trust and 2018 CCA Soy Envoy, shares his insight on planting cover crops in the fall, species to consider, timing, planting windows across the state and a plan for the spring. Listen to the podcast here:

By |September 10, 2018|

Cover Crops and Soybean Cyst Nematodes (SCN)

Soybean cyst nematodes (SCN) are one of the most detrimental pathogens of soybeans—they are considered the No. 1 yield-robbing pest for United State soybean farmers. Nematodes in general account for billions of dollars in crop loss worldwide each year. According to the United Soybean Board, SCN affects farmers in more than 30 states and causes an estimated loss of $1.5 billion worth of soybean production annually. A lot of this loss goes unnoticed as SCN often shows no visible symptoms on the plant. If the plant is under stress it may show signs of yellowing, but the damage and [...]

By |July 28, 2018|
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