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Cover crops for prevent planting

SPRINGFIELD, IL - June 6 - When the time comes to decide about the best way to manage acres in prevent plant, it may be a good time to test out some cover crop options. There are many reasons to consider cover crops on your prevent plant acres this year. It will be especially important to consider cover crops to retain any nitrogen that was applied in either the fall or early spring. Cover crops will reduce nutrient loss and help stabilize the soil structure. Weed control needs to be considered and NREC research has shown that cover crops [...]

By |June 13, 2019|

Investment Insight: Recent Research Results

Conducting nutrient research on-farm allows researchers to evaluate performance of various practices designed to reduce nutrient loss (i.e. winter cover cropping) under real farming conditions. That’s why Lowell Gentry and his team from the University of Illinois are conducting research using whole fields to investigate fertilizer practices as well as in-field and edge-of field techniques that show promise for reducing nutrient runoff, especially nutrients in tile drainage water. This university research team has 3 complementary NREC grants that are producing relevant results. A collection of what they have learned over the past three years follows: 1.) Cover crops can [...]

By |February 6, 2018|
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