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Registration Open for 2024 Field Days

ILSoyAdvisor is committed to addressing the diverse soybean production challenges across Illinois. Join us for our summer field events, Field Talks and Tailgate Talks, where agronomic experts will provide region-specific advice and the latest agronomic information.

By |May 3, 2024|

Using Drones for Weed Management

In this GROW Farmer Forum, panelists led a discussion of the current state of drone scouting, mapping and herbicide applications for weed management, as well as the future of the technology. Dr. Steve Li, of Auburn University, served as the moderator, alongside panelist Rick Jordan, of CNY Drone Services.

By |April 26, 2024|

Where Do Soybeans Come From?

Soy Envoy, Craig Grafton, shares the process of soybean breeding, shedding light on how new soybeans varieties are being developed. He also discusses the evolving landscape of soybean traits and the future of soybean breeding.

By |April 17, 2024|

A Look at Planter Adjustments for Planting into Cover Crops

Harborview Farms have spent a decade experimenting with different corn and soybean planter set-ups to successfully plant green into varying stands of cover crops each spring. Watch the video to explore the various components integrated into their planters, such as roller crimpers, row cleaners, gauge wheels, closing wheels, and more.

By |April 8, 2024|

Integrated Weed Management Maybe the Answer to Herbicide Resistance

Herbicide resistance poses a significant challenge for farmers, prompting the need to explore diverse strategies for weed management. In this episode, Michael Flessner and Karen Corrigan discuss GROW's (Getting Rid of Weeds) comprehensive approach, emphasizing collaboration, research, and outreach for greater diversity of weed control strategies to complement chemical use.

By |March 27, 2024|

Radicle Agronomics with Eli Sloneker

Join Kelsey Litchfield and Kelly Robertson as they chat with Eli Sloneker from Precision Planting about Radicle Agronomics, a system aiming to change soil nutrient management in farming. Eli provides an overview of Radicle Agronomics and its availability, while Kelly asks some technical questions about GeoPress's role in expediting soil sampling.

By |March 21, 2024|

Enhancing Soybean Yields: The Impact of Strategic Nutrient Management

This on-farm research project, funded by the Illinois Soybean Association checkoff program, explores the impact of strategic nutrient management on soybean yield across northern and central Illinois, examining various strategies under different conditions such as no-till, strip-till, row spacing, and cover cropping to inform best practices for soybean nutrient management.

By |January 15, 2024|

Register Today for Soybean Summit on February 1st

Join Illinois Soybean Association at the annual Soybean Summit in Champaign for the latest in soybean production. Attendees will be updated on cover crop trends, secrets to high-yield soybean farming, 2024’s chemical supply chain, and soybean pest management. Register today!

By |December 6, 2023|
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