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Recently, I was asked, “How do I know if I should have sprayed a fungicide on my soybeans or not?” Below is a checklist of how to make these decisions and some photographs of a few foliar diseases.
  1. Check the weather and scout often. To know if a fungal disease is present, you’ve got to go to the field and look throughout the canopy. If it is warm, wet and humid, you probably have some disease present. There...
Adopting the Early Wheat Harvest System can increase the yield of double-crop soybeans, but it doesn’t always work out as planned since weather is the big variable. The key to the wheat/double-crop soybean rotation is to maximize the profitability of both crops, not just one. Briefly, the early wheat system can be described as:
  • Plant wheat earlier on the farm in the fall: 3 – 5 days gain on soybean planting
  • Plant...