Retailers commonly promote foliar feeding soybeans. But before deciding on foliar feeding, understand these 10 myths vs. facts.

The use and benefit of liquid foliar fertilizers has been questioned for many decades. Even though retailers and suppliers promote foliar feeding, past research from many universities and companies has not supported this as a common agronomic practice. However, research from the past decade, combined with product improvements, higher crop yields, higher nutrient removal, and tissue sampling may call for re-evaluation of liquid foliar fertilizer utilization for soybean production.


In summary, despite recent supportive research there are still many myths and questions about the use of liquid foliar fertilizer products   to supplement typical preplant crop nutrition practices. Utilizing diagnostic tools such as soil and tissue sampling, in addition to selecting proven products with desirable nutrient composition, cannot only increase crop yield,bu tmore importantly improve ROI.

Chad Kalaher is a CCA soy envoy for East Central Illinois. He is also an agronomist for Beck’s Hybrids. He has a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in weed science from North Carolina State University.

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