Dan Davidson

Improving Soil Health

Soil health is a popular topic today. Many entities including NRCS, universities, non-profits and private companies are promoting soil health and how to improve [...]

By |August 23, 2019|

Soybeans – Ever so Short

The ILSoyAdvisor received a question from central Pennsylvania last week: “My question is that my growers are seeing flowers on plants that are almost [...]

By |July 25, 2019|

What Drives Pod Count?

Soybeans yield are increasing over half a bushel per year now. Some of that increase is from genetic gain and the rest is from [...]

By |July 22, 2019|

Pod Number Counts Most

We often talk about evaluating the components of yield from plant population to pod number per plant to seed number per pod and seed [...]

By |July 10, 2019|

Relay Cropping Soybeans

Many producers in Southern Illinois double-crop soybeans after wheat and this creates an additional opportunity for revenue for the farm. In addition, winter wheat [...]

By |June 29, 2019|
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