Water Management

Illinois FFA Chapters Water Testing Challenge Winners Announced

Illinois Corn and Illinois Soybean Association collaborated to present the Water Testing Challenge to Illinois FFA chapters.  This hands-on, educational program challenged students to sample water from different areas on the farms and analyze that data with a report that included improvement suggestions and management changes with explanations on why it should change.

By |January 22, 2024|

Benchmarking and Integrating Soil Health, Water Quality and Climate-Smart Footprints of IL Soybeans

This project aims to identify best practices and metrics for soil health, water quality, and climate impact in soybean farming from 2023 to 2027. The findings will benefit soybean farmers, policy makers, and carbon credit markets, informing practice-based recommendations for implementing soil health, water quality-protective practices, and exploring carbon markets.

By |June 6, 2023|

Protecting the Watershed: Is Collaboration the Key to a Sustainable Future?

Investments in sustainable initiatives are becoming mainstream since long term resilience is a priority for the marketplace. Leaders not only have to focus on day-to-day operations, but also devise and monitor ways to protect critical resources. In agriculture, producers and consumers are moving towards a common goal of water, soil, and yield stewardship. Fortunately, new sustainability strategies and technologies appear in the market daily. However, in order to implement them appropriately, producers must join forces to evaluate options, optimize costs, and execute without hassle. Since water and land are interconnected, and have no sense of man-made property lines, the [...]

By |February 25, 2022|

Sowing the Seeds in Water Management

Perhaps farmers have been facing their most challenging decade ever. Water management has been an important issue that is discussed globally. The critical nature of water conservation and drainage can have a lasting effect on the investment that farmers and landowners make. Given the competitive nature of the industry, many service providers are competing on low price. Recognizing the delicate balance between price and equity might be the key to maximizing the investment. Traditional methods of conducting business may not be applicable in the world we live in today. Outdated techniques can lead to inefficiencies and intensifying volatility. Professionals [...]

By |December 23, 2020|

Is Your Soybean Crop Thirsty?

Rain. Depending on the season and whether you do not have enough of it or perhaps too much, rain can lead to disappointing failure or a record-breaking crop. Agriculture is inextricably linked with water, yet those of us without irrigation have very little ability to control the amounts and timing of water that our crops receive. It is a critical ingredient to a soybean plant’s growth and development, but fortunately the combination of relatively good soils throughout Illinois and usually ample rainfall allow for high yield potential in many years. From time-to-time, however, rain may be insufficient, and your [...]

By |July 10, 2020|
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