Soybean Stem Diseases in Illinois

In this Better Beans presentation, Dr. Jason Bond provides an update on a research project funded by IL Soybean, focusing on soybean stem diseases. He covers the collection of samples, shares results, and discusses incidences of specific diseases including anthracnose, SDS, charcoal rot, and more throughout the state.

By |February 16, 2024|

Year in Review: Unpacking Agronomy Highlights of 2023

Join Kelsey Litchfield and Stephanie Porter on the latest episode of the ILSoyAdvisor podcast as they dive into the challenges and highlights of the 2023 growing season. They will discuss the soybean production issues faced by growers, from herbicide residuals to red crown rot, heightened insect pressure, extreme weather conditions, and more.

By |December 14, 2023|

Reminder: Submit Soybean Samples for Stem Pest Survey

Dr. Nick Seiter and his team will carry out dectes stem borer counts in soybean fields across Illinois this fall. These counts, beginning during the R7-R8 growth stages, aim to gather valuable data on this stem pest and contribute to improved management strategies.

By |September 26, 2023|

Aphids – Could They be Back?

Stephanie Porter, Outreach Agronomist at Illinois Soybean Association, reports the return of Aphids to Illinois. Factors like geography, landscape, biology, and agronomy influence aphid populations in soybean fields. Regular scouting is crucial as aphid numbers can rapidly increase, especially with migrating winged aphids.

By |June 28, 2023|
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