And the Bad News Is?

After a week's break, the IL Soy Envoys have returned to provide their latest field reports. They cover precipitation levels—or the lack thereof in some regions—and discuss the emergence of tar spot and other potential diseases.

By |July 2, 2024|

Weed Management in Double Crop Soybeans

Double the crop, half the weed control – that’s part of the allure of following wheat harvest with a second planting of soybeans. However, this approach involves different weed spectrums, residual herbicide timing decisions, and spray cut-off dates to consider.

By |June 19, 2024|

“Way Too Early” Soybean Yield Predictions

In the latest podcast episode, the Soy Envoys share challenges posed by highly variable crop conditions, including yellowing in fields, persistent waterhemp problems, and root development issues. They also share their "way too early" soybean yield predictions and offer a detailed crop report from their region.

By |June 6, 2024|

How Can the Profitability of Double Crop Wheat and Soybeans Be Improved?

Double crop soybeans after winter wheat can enhance profitability and soil health in the Midwest, but success depends on identifying early-maturing winter wheat varieties to optimize soybean planting conditions. This Illinois Soybean Association-funded project aims to identify high-yielding winter wheat varieties that can be harvested earlier and allow earlier planting of double-crop soybeans to maximize soybean yield potential.  

By |June 3, 2024|

Growing the On-Farm Trial Network

Learn about Illinois Soybean Association's new effort to develop an on-farm trial network that will address agronomic issues farmers are seeking more information on. In this video, learn more about how to get involved and the topics the on-farm trial network will aim to address.

By |March 11, 2024|
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