Planting Strategies

Planting Progress: A Marathon, Not a Sprint!

The Soy Envoys provide a short update on planting progress and field conditions across different regions of Illinois. They discuss weed control strategies and herbicide applications as well as the connection of winter annual weeds being a host for soybean cyst nematode. Listen to the full episode here or on all major podcasting platforms.

By |April 18, 2024|

Cover Crop Planting Dates in Soybean & Corn Rotations: Lessons Learned from Year One of ISA-Funded Study

This Illinois Soybean Association funded project, lead by Nathan Johanning of Illinois Extension, reveals insights from the first year of a cover crop planting date study. The team found that lower seeding rates of early-planted cereal rye cut seed costs and had similar biomass. Late planting still offered good growth into mid-Nov and maximizing biomass by delaying termination until maturity showed no yield reduction in soybeans in most cases.

By |March 7, 2024|

Early Soybean Planting – Benefits and Risks

There are some yield advantages to planting early as well as some risks. Where does this yield advantage come from and how can we best manage the risks of planting early? Dr. Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin-Madison answers these questions for you.

By |March 4, 2024|

Cover Crop Chronicles: Management Strategies Before Corn

John Pike, an operator of Pike Ag, LLC, located in Marion, Illinois, is a consultant and researcher specializing in nutrient management, cover crops, and water quality. In this video, Pike showcases his farm located south of Marion, where he has implemented a nine-year intensive cover crop program.

By |June 21, 2023|

Soybean Plant Stands: Is Replanting Necessary?

Early in the growing season, many factors often reduce soybean plant stands - freezing temperatures, hail, slugs, disease, etc. A soybean field with poor seedling vigor, slow plant growth, and low plant stand often triggers an “I need to fix this” impulse; however, these fields don’t always need to be replanted.

By |May 11, 2023|
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