With herbicide-resistant weeds becoming an increasingly challenging problem each year, effective weed control options are a must-have for farmers. The Enlist system, commercially available in corn and cotton, is an effective weed control tool. Though Enlist E3 soybeans aren’t yet available for commercial purchase, seed production continues in multiple locations, expanding genetic lines in a broad range of maturities to prepare for the full commercial launch in the future. The Enlist E3 trait offers tolerance to 2,4-D choline, glyphosate and glufosinate, giving farmers flexibility with their weed control choices.
What do I like best about the Enlist system? The Enlist weed control system is simple and effective. Farmers facing increased weed pressure are looking for a straightforward solution like the Enlist system. It also offers other benefits, including:
  • No buffer for soybeans. Enlist herbicides do not require a buffer when applied adjacent to crops not listed as susceptible on the label: soybeans, rice, corn, alfalfa, sorghum, wheat or peanut fields.
  • Wide application window. Enlist herbicides have a wide application window in corn and soybeans and can be applied to Enlist soybeans through R2 stage.
  • Flexible tank-mix options. See a complete list at EnlistTankMix.com
  • Practical tank cleanout. Triple rinse sprayer following the procedure in the Enlist Product Use Guide, unless the next crop you’re spraying is glyphosate-tolerant corn (then only single rinse required).
What’s new this year with the Enlist system?
Enlist One herbicide. This straight-goods 2,4-D choline product offers additional tank-mix flexibility to customize your weed control plan to your operation. Enlist One herbicide joins Enlist Duo® herbicide as a complementary herbicide in the portfolio. Both Enlist herbicides include Colex-D® technology, which features near-zero volatility and minimized potential for physical drift.
Enlist Corn. Fully commercialized in 2018, Enlist corn offers tolerance to 2,4-D choline in Enlist herbicides, glyphosate and an additional tolerance to FOP herbicides. Assure® II herbicide (quizalofop) is registered for use on Enlist corn, providing farmers with another solution to control grasses, along with volunteer corn in Enlist corn.
So, what is the outlook for Enlist E3 soybeans next year? Corteva continues to diligently work to secure full import approval of Enlist E3 soybeans to give American farmers the technology choices they need. Check www.enlist.com or follow @EnlistOnline on Twitter for updates on 2019 product availability.

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