Cover Crop Update from Across the State

Dan Schaefer from the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association, and Jim Isermann from the Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership, join Abigail Peterson from the Illinois Soybean Association to provide an update on cover crop initiatives across Illinois in a panel discussion.

By |March 21, 2024|

Radicle Agronomics with Eli Sloneker

Join Kelsey Litchfield and Kelly Robertson as they chat with Eli Sloneker from Precision Planting about Radicle Agronomics, a system aiming to change soil nutrient management in farming. Eli provides an overview of Radicle Agronomics and its availability, while Kelly asks some technical questions about GeoPress's role in expediting soil sampling.

By |March 21, 2024|

Combating Soybean Cyst Nematode With Advancements In Genomic and Breeding Technologies

Learn about the evolving threat of soybean cyst nematode (SCN) and how researchers are tracking genetic changes in worm populations in response to soybean hosts. Dr. Matthew Hudson and Dr. Andrew Scaboo discuss SCN genome insights and innovative strategies using native genes against resistant SCN variants, such as those in PI 88788 and Peking.

By |March 19, 2024|

What Can ISA Funded Research Do for You?

This Soybean Summit session led by Jennifer Jones, CCA, shares recent findings from ISA checkoff-funded research across the state. Learn how farmers can shape the direction of future research studies on conservation, agronomy, and pest management.

By |March 18, 2024|

Growing the On-Farm Trial Network

Learn about Illinois Soybean Association's new effort to develop an on-farm trial network that will address agronomic issues farmers are seeking more information on. In this video, learn more about how to get involved and the topics the on-farm trial network will aim to address.

By |March 11, 2024|

Achieving High Yield Soybeans While Protecting the Soil

At the recent Soybean Summit, Chris Weaver, a farmer and agronomist from Maryland, discussed his experience in enhancing soybean yields while protecting the soil. With his success of reaching 158 bu/ac on non-irrigated land, his goal is to grow 200+ bushels of no-till, non-irrigated soybeans. Listen here for his full presentation.

By |March 6, 2024|
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