Weather conditions have been dry in the past four to six weeks in parts of northeastern, western, and central Illinois. Forecasts for the next 7 to 10 days show very dry weather and above normal temperatures, which will likely worsen already dry conditions in the state and potentially cause rapid-onset drought conditions in some areas. The combination of dryness and above average temperatures in May increased evaporation and plant water use, which depleted soil moisture.

Drought in Illinois typically impacts plants and crops first as soil moisture is depleted but can also begin to affect water resources and water quality if it persists. As the drought evolves, accurate reports on conditions and drought impacts are critical to accurately assess what parts of the state are in drought and what parts are not.

To help with the drought monitoring and impact assessment process, consider regularly reporting conditions and any impacts, or lack thereof, in your part of the state. Submit reports through The National Drought Mitigation Center’s Condition Monitoring Observer Reporting (CMOR) system,, or via email to the Illinois State Climatologist Office:

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About the Author: Trent Ford

Dr. Trent Ford has been the Illinois State Climatologist since 2019. Trent is an expert in climate and climate change and its interactions and impacts, especially as they relate to water. Trent leads climate monitoring and data collection and provision for the state of Illinois. He and his team provide information online, through traditional and social media, and by speaking to interested groups across the state. A native of Roanoke, Illinois, Ford earned a bachelors in geography from Illinois State University before completing his masters and PhD at Texas A&M University. Before joining the Illinois State Water Survey, Ford was an assistant professor in the Department of Geography & Environmental Resources at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. For questions about this blog, Ford can be reached via email at

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