Hedging Strategies Session 1

This unit introduces hedging as a concept for managing price risk, by defining it and showing how the math behind it works. Describing when and why it makes sense to hedge, as well as clarifying common terminology are also discussed.

By |August 19, 2019|

Marketing Plan Risk Assessment

This unit discusses the case for using a marketing plan and how to use it as a decision-making framework. Describing how to develop a marketing plan, what it should include, and how to implement it is also included. Examples of best practices in crop marketing and successful marketing decision making are included.

By |August 19, 2019|

Cash Market Fundamentals

This unit defines basis, futures spreads, and the factors that influence each. Basis trends over time, normal basis patterns, and separating basis and futures marketing decisions are also discussed.  

By |August 16, 2019|

Webinar: What Six Secrets Research Has Taught Us About High Yield Soybeans

Dr. Fred Below reviews five years of research on “The Six Secrets of Soybean Success," a concept for producing high-yield soybeans which he evaluated in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Six Secrets demonstrates how growers can put technologies together for increasing soybean yields through intensive crop management. In addition, Dr. Below will review some of his work on when soybeans need supplemental nitrogen.

By |February 12, 2017|
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