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Dr. Jason Bond

Areas of Expertise:

  • Plant Pathology/Plant Health – Fungi and Nematodes

Professor of Plant Pathology
Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC)


Dr. Bond was born into a love of agriculture, working in crops since he was big enough to hold a hoe. A second-generation plant pathologist, he spent his time as an undergraduate at Southeastern Louisiana University working in a microbiology prep room and on his dad’s vegetable farm. He earned his PhD in plant health from Louisiana State University (LSU) then moved to Illinois where he started as a post-doctoral researcher at SIUC.

Currently, Dr. Bond divides his time at SIU between research, teaching and service appointments. Dr. Bond’s research and teaching program focuses on disease management in Midwestern row crops. He also serves as the advisor for the Agronomy Society, which provides leadership and professional development opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. He’s thankful the Illinois Soybean Association helped create his position at SIUC, bringing him to Illinois where we met his wife and years later was saved by his Lord Jesus.

Fun Facts!
As an alumnus of LSU, Dr. Bond admits he gets so nervous watching LSU football that he plans activities during the game so he can escape if the game takes a turn for the worse. He’s also a fan of Saluki Athletics and enjoys following the rivalry between the Cubs and Cardinals. His perfect weekend would be one where he could enjoy all his favorite foods: chicken and sausage jambalaya, seafood gumbo, Midwestern steaks, Oberweis ice cream and pizza!

Research Projects

Assessing the Impact of Cover Crops on SCN Populations in Field Conditions2023-12-20T16:19:30-06:00

This project is using five established cover crop fields throughout Illinois to determine how different types of cover crops affect soybean cyst nematode (SCN) populations. Insights will be used to provide the state’s soybean farmers with improved management recommendations.

Soybean Stem Pests: Survey, Impact and Education2023-12-20T16:28:32-06:00

Continuing work already underway across Illinois’ soybean fields, this project aims to identify new and emerging stem diseases and insect pests that negatively impact soybean production and yield. It will assess management practices and help prioritize future research to determine best management practices.

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