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Daniel Schaefer

Areas of Expertise:

  • Soil Conservation
  • Water Quality
  • Cover Crops
  • Nutrient Management

Nutrient Stewardship Director
Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association (IFCA)

With a master’s in crop science and decades of experience in the fertilizer industry, Dan has conducted research related to strip-till and soil conservation systems, N management and the maximum return to nitrogen (MRTN) program. Prior to IFCA, he spent 31 years as an agronomist at Illini FS.

In his role at IFCA, he’s responsible for working with University of Illinois researchers on developing research protocols to continue improving nutrient management recommendations. He sees great promise in soybean research where he hopes that by identifying the correct timing and package of applied nutrients, farmers can take the next big step in soybean yield.

Fun Facts!
Dan’s favorite vacation destination is Maui. Some of his personal and professional highlights include:

  • Earning both an undergrad and master’s degree while working full time and growing his young family
  • Learning through his nutrient loss research how timing and application methods impact water quality

Research Projects

Controlled-Release N, P & K Fertilizer Management in Strip-Till 30” Rows and No-Till 15″ Rows for High-Yield Soybeans2023-12-20T16:18:05-06:00

This project aims to better understand how strategic nutrient management can impact soybean yield across northern and central Illinois. It will evaluate different nutrient strategies under no-till, strip-till, 15” rows, 30” rows, with cover crops, and without cover crops. Data will be used to inform future year trials and ultimately provide farmers with best management practices for nutrient management in soybean crops.

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