Monsanto introduces a tool to help control soybean cyst nematode (SCN).

SCN remains one of the greatest pest threats to soybeans in Illinois and elsewhere. While weather remains a major factor in final yield, disease and insects silently rob yield and SCN ranks at the top. Growers need all the tools available to keep this pest at bay. And it not only works against SCN, but a host of other nematodes that impact corn as well.

On May 1, 2017, a new seed treatment nematicide product (trade name NemaStrike™) was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). State registrations were received in Illinois and Iowa that allowed for treatment of seed and planting of some large-scale, side-by-side plots on grower fields. We will have a few late planted corn trials in Illinois and dozens of soybean side-by-side trials across the state.

NemaStrike is new seed treatment chemistry (active ingredient is tioxazafen) with a novel, new mode of action that is very specific to plant parasitic nematodes.  The unique mode of action results in high levels of efficacy on plant parasitic nematodes while having minimal impact on beneficial nematode species and very low levels of toxicity to individuals applying the seed treatment or handling treated seed.

Testing in field research trials has shown larger and more consistent yield benefits compared with other seed treatment products. The trials being conducted in Illinois in 2017 are being set up as 8- to 10-acre blocks of NemaStrike-treated seed next to an 8- to 10-acre block of the same corn hybrid or soybean variety without NemaStrike protection. Soil samples will be collected to evaluate the nematode pressure at each site, plots will be monitored through the growing season for possible visual differences and yields will be captured at harvest.

For the 2018 growing season NemaStrike will be commercially available on many corn and soybean products. Click to read a Monsanto press release with more information.

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About the Author: Lance Tarochione

Lance Tarochione is a technical agronomist with Asgrow/DEKALB in west central Illinois. His work has focused on crop production, research and product development, and through his role at Monsanto® he currently supports the Asgrow® and DEKALB® brands in seven counties in western Illinois.